A leader in the construction industry

Designing and building construction works that last

TRIDÔME has succeeded in the ever-changing construction industry thanks the ingenious spirit of its leaders. Through development of effective construction techniques and with diligent work, TRIDÔME has risen to a position of prominence in the construction industry.

In our more than 27 years, we have developed know-how that we enjoy sharing. Turn-key projects are, for us, the most efficient way to add value to a project. By combining the detailed needs of our clients, and by respecting their budgets and schedules, we support them as follows:

  • Guide them in their design  development  in order to help answer all questions regarding present and future needs;
  • Coordinate and control budgets with the design;
  • Choose the best techniques and construction materials to suit their needs;
  • Provide the option to lease buildings that we build.