Detailed procedures guarantee the highest construction standards

Healthy financial planning starts with TRIDÔME

TRIDÔME CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION has been in existence for the past 27 years. The quality and respect for requirements that regulate our daily activities of design, estimation, and construction are all key areas on which we focus.

Refined Procedures

Beyond our standard working tools, TRIDÔME has detailed procedures, established in-house, to carry out every phase of a project. These tools were developed for every aspect of the work, from office administration to management of a construction site, permitting us to improve the way in which a project is carried out, even as we rigorously manage costs.

Evolving programs for quality assurance

Continuously striving to improve, we build on our experiences over the last 27 years to enrich our program of quality assurance. These include:

  • The qualifications of our suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Control of changes
  • Control of  “critical-path”   points along the way at the sites and on our detailed scheduling programme
  • Our program of health, safety and security
  • The use of third-party laboratory testing during all stages of construction.

Healthy financial systems

Thanks to our excellent management practices for control of inherent construction project costs, our reputation for financial planning is well established, both with our clients and with the banks we have dealt with over the years.

We are also able to build and lease back commercial and industrial buildings for those of our clients who prefer a lease-to-purchase option.