Operations reaching from Canada to the United States…and beyond.

International construction and project management

TRIDÔME, built for the GLOBAL economy

TRIDÔME’s reach of operations ranges from Québec, Ontario, and the Eastern provinces of Canada to the United States and the world. Its expert construction services, ranging from design and planning through the entire development and construction process and up to project completion and delivery to the client, are always offered in accordance with the most competitive pricing policy.

International expertise you can TRUST

International construction projects and project management of large construction projects in foreign countries have established TRIDÔME as a world-class builder. Whether it’s a matter of a negotiated contract or an international tendered contract, TRIDÔME's client commitment remains the same: to provide the highest quality, time-effective and cost-efficient construction solutions to ensure every client’s complete satisfaction.

North America, Africa… we go where you need us!

TRIDÔME OF NORTH CAROLINA was begun in 1998 as a general contractor and residential developer. We successfully completed our first residential construction project of 50 condominiums in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. We did it by forming a joint-venture partnership with a local general contractor in order to expand our operations rapidly. This was so successful that we have repeated the process for many international construction projects.

Our strategy: joining forces to ground our strength

After signing a construction project agreement abroad, TRIDÔME’s primary goal is to find a “Joint-Venture Partner”, namely, a local general contractor. This entity is involved with the implementation and direction of the on-site construction. One of the most important advantages for TRIDÔME of a partnership with a local construction company lies in having access to the local company’s understanding of government programs and its precise knowledge of local markets and cost comparisons with the competition’s offering. In addition, the partner has greater access to the public authorities and easy access to local labor for manufacturing and site work.

Exporting Canadian construction expertise

TRIDÔME can then provide the most modern and up-to-date Canadian construction techniques, specialized materials and products developed in Canada, and easy access to Canadian financing. TRIDÔME will also put in place an expert Canadian construction team to interface with that of the local partner.

Our international construction projects: