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TYPE: New building - « pilot plant » for magnesium production

SIZE: 15,000 sq.ft.

PROJECT COST: $ 1,200,000

NBR. STOREYS: Five (5) different levels




ARCHITECTURAL: Construction of a new « pilot plant » on the C.E.Zinc site in Valleyfield. The site was a totally fenced in site for security purposes. The building was completely enclosed in metal « sandwich-wall » panels.

MECHANICAL: Units supplied by owner, smaller equipments controls to be coordinated with owner’s equipment. All special duct works was installed.

STRUCTURAL: Highly complex « heavy industry » steel construction. All with beams (no joists) and all bolted connections (no welding). This building was constructed for future additions of heavy production equipment (tanks, piping, etc.). The structural foundations had three (3) different levels. There were basins below slab, large scale concrete pits. Above grade, there were three (3) structural mezzanines built from reinforced concrete. Several curbs and openings were built to accommodate future tanks and production equipment. A large full height (3,000 sq.ft.) area was left for equipment hoisting. Several underground trenches were built for water processing Very special procedures were used to stop high intensity electric current from being passed through the production areas to the steel structure.

ELECTRICAL: Highly complex grounding was installed inside as well as outside the building. Entry was made for future complex installations.

CONSTRUCTION TIME: Five (5) months


This « new concept » pilot plant was designed to accommodate a revolutionary production method conceived to produce magnesium from the tailings of the mines in Thetford Mines, at a low cost. Once the procedure is proven, a $ 350 million plant will be built in Thetford Mines. Tridôme built the project as an invited bidder on a « fixed price » working for hatch & associates as the project engineers.


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