Gildan Industries

Category: Industrial buildings

Extension to an industrial building. Perimeter walls in blocks for 8', from 8' to roof deck steel, studs and gyproc. Interior dividing wall with concrete blocks to 10' high, and from 10' to roof deck with steel studs and gyproc on both sides. Based on a "Design-Build" for control flow drains, sealed gas-heating units. Compressed air lines to all owner's equipments. Complete sprinklers system including in-rack protection. Steel structure. Exterior walls are "sandwich" type metal sidings. EPDM membrane roofing system. Based on a "Design-Build", installation of a new electrical distribution for extension. New fluorescent lighting systems for warehouse and production areas. Connection of all owner's equipments. Installation of computer wiring for production area. Multiple modifications throughout the existing plant due to changes to equipments and equipment layout.


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